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Paper io 2
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About Paper io 2

An extremely popular and addictive multiplayer game about territory wars is back with a new version and new game modes. Let me introduce the second version of the Paper io game where your mission is to build the biggest territory on the server and protect it against your enemies. Paper io 2 is probably the most complete edition of the legendary game with a lot of new features for the fans. The developers did a really great job by making this game more addictive and interesting. The first thing that comes to my mind when I play the game is that how simple the game is and how interesting it is at the same time. The idea of the game is pretty simple - you control a small snake-shaped character who moves all the time and gives you opportunity to conquer new territory. For example if you make a circle on the new territory, it becomes yours even if it is controlled by other player. The main reason why the Paper io 2 becaome so popular is because of the ultimate multiplayer mode which gives opportunity to unite players all around the world without any additional software. The game is available both in your browse and smartphones.

How To Play The Game

At the beginning of the match, your territory is very small and your mission is to make it bigger. There are two ways how you can do this - find the territory which is not controled by anyone yet or attack the neighbour players to take their lands. Attacking the enemies is very difficult task because if the enemy hits your tail when you are on his territory, you will die and all territory will be lost. But that's a pretty interesting strategy to secure your lands too. Just wait for the neighbour player to attack your lands and kill him. That will give you a lot of free lands near your base and a good opportunity to grow bigger. The best strategy to add new lands in Paper io 2 is to make it with small pieces. When you add small territory there is a small chance that enemy will strike you and kill.The winning strategy in this game can differ from one user to another but something is unchanged - if you don't fight for your land, someone will come and take it.

Maps And Game Modes

In Paper io 2 the developers did a truly great job by adding a lot of new game modes. In addition to the classic mode they added up to 8 new modes and World Map mode is one of the best ones. In the world map mode, you have to conquer and control the important locations like ports. If you control the location, you are given additional points making your territory bigger. That's pretty interesting, just like the domination mode in most shooting games. You can also discover other modes of the game and find out which one suits you better. One thing that makes the Paper io 2 stand above the crowd is the colorful graphics - users can modify their skin and look of their lands and that's pretty interesting. The game offers a lot of other interesting options which you will definitely enjoy.

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